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 Glackinton Village RP

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PostSubject: Glackinton Village RP   Glackinton Village RP Icon_minitimeSun Jul 07, 2013 11:44 am

Well this a Medieval role-play, it consumes in many different characters and it goes back into the 16/1700's! You may e a steam punk,farmer,villager,baker,mayor,shop keeper or anything like that, just think about it. You may have as many characters as you like or just the 1, supernaturals are not allowed sorry! Love and friendship is common in the village, also everyone knows each other. Your not allowed to be better than anyone so for an example: The Prettiest,The Strongest, The Tallest etc... So Lets Start!

My Characters:
Full Name: Harry Dave Roberts
Age: 21 And An Half
Personality: Sweet,Caring,Strong,Fast,Brave,Tall,Built Well,Daredevil, Can Sometimes Get Into Trouble,Hard Worker,Looks After Family,Friendly And Well Known
Looks: Dirty Blonde Hair That Is A Little Bit Spiked But Has Some Darker Blonde Hair At The Edge, Blue Ocean Eyes, Cute Dimples. 8 Pack And Muscles, Has A Friendly Smile
Job: Is A Farmer On His Family Farm (Home), And Is A Pub Landlord AT The Local Pub Called The Swifts
Wearing:Well He Changes What He Wears But At The Moment : Black Short Boots With Laces Untied, Dark Black Skinny Jeans Tucked Into Boots, White Long Sleeved Laced Shirt Untucked And Laces Untied And A Black Waist Coat Unbuttoned Over Laced Shirt Also A Black Bandanna Tied Onto Jeans And Some String Bracelets On Arms.
Relationship: Single / Hes Straight / Bffs: ????
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Glackinton Village RP
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