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 Shipwreck Day 1

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PostSubject: Re: Shipwreck Day 1   Sat Jan 28, 2012 4:59 pm

After the captain's speech Brandon cheers along with the rest; However, he knows that things are nowhere new as good as the captain says. He watches the guitarist smoke weed and pass it around. When the blunt comes to him Brandon passes it away. As much as a drug haze would relax him ; he knows it is better to stay alert. He sees the Ron and Rick fighting on the edge of the trees. Brando shakes his head thinking, "This is going to be a problem." Then smirking to himself, "I could always take care of him."

Later as people either went to the shelters to sleep or sat in a drug induced haze. Brandon walked up to the captain and says "I will watch the jungle tonight."
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PostSubject: Re: Shipwreck Day 1   Sun Jan 29, 2012 3:14 am

Eddie takes a pretty big hit off of the joint before passing it to his left. Normally he doesn’t get into reggae type music but he’s nice and stoned so he gets into the music. Eddie starts to sway with the music along with Fe. He’s having a pretty good time when Fefe stands up and kisses his cheek. Eddie’s pleasantly surprised and flashes her a smile before she leaves to go to bed.

Eddie stays to himself for a while getting nice and drunk when he notices Rick and his dad arguing. After Rick leaves He see's Brandon walk over to Ron and say something brief. Eddie decides it’s time to have a talk with his dad. He stands and walks over to his father. "Hey dad what was all that about?" Eddie says pointing towards Rick.
His father frowns and shakes his head. "Arrogant prick," he says. "If I didn't know better I'd think the asshole had been rich all his damn life."
Ron takes a swallow of wine and hands the bottle to his son. "He blames our crew for the shipwreck. Says he's going to sue when we get back and shut us down," he laughs briefly, then says in a low tone; "Dead men can't sue."
Eddie takes a big gulp from the bottle. "Cocksucker. So what’s the plan if we start running out of supply's? I think we should send some people inland to look for any resources we can use."

"I shouldn't have listened to him last night," his father lamented, ignoring his son's question. "I told him that we had to pack in but he didn't want his party to be ruined. I knew better than to listen to him, but I was greedy. Greedy and foolish. And now look where we are now," he spreads his hands out, gesturing to their surroundings.
"You're right," Captain Ron says after a long pause. "We don't have enough food to last us more than a few days. We'll need to find out what this island has to offer."

"In the morning I'll head out with some of the others to scout the surrounding area... the rumors of people in the woods and a random rifle laying around kinda have me nervous though." after taking another gulp Eddie hands the wine bottle back to his dad. "What do you think about all this crazy shit?"
His father refuses the bottle. "Pass it down, Edwin. I don't know what to think about the people in the woods. Might be hallucinations. People in situations like this tend to see things that aren't really there. It could just be paranoia. The rifle could have just washed up on shore many years back. It might be a coincidence, or it might be as Brandon says; there might be some Nazi camps out there. Any way I’m getting tired. ‘Night son."

“Goodnight dad.” Eddie goes and sits down by the fire. He spends the rest of the night getting abhorrently drunk and ends up forgetting most of what he said or did after the conversation he had with his dad. He wakes up next to the fireplace with a raging headache and feeling nauseas.

(conversation done through pm with Fire couch.)
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PostSubject: Re: Shipwreck Day 1   Mon Jan 30, 2012 3:01 am

Other than telling his cousin and the captain, Tony has kept to himself; isolating himself as far from the wood as possible. He was unable to accurately make out anything about the person's features, but he got the impression that it was a man; a tall man, cloaked in shadows. Tony had long prided himself on his physical prowess, and yet somehow this dark man in the woods had unnerved him. He shivered thinking about it.

Johnny (his half-cousin, half-brother to Rick) walks over with a half drunk bottle of wine.

"Hey man," Johnny says, taking a swig from the wine and handing it to Tony.

"Thank you," Tony says; taking a long slug from the bottle. It puckers up his mouth and somehow manages to leave him thirstier than before he drank it. "Fucking terrible," he says.

Johnny laughs. "That's actually some premium wine there, Tone."

"Whatever," Tony replies. "It tastes like shit."

"See that's your problem," Johnny says, laying a hand on the bigger guy's shoulder and taking the bottle from his hand. "You got no class."

"I got plenty of class," Tony protests as his half-cousin drinks again from the bottle.

"Yeah," Johnny says, swallowing. "But it's all low." He laughs.

Tony scowls and crosses his arms over his chest. "If you were anyone else I'da hit you just now."

Johnny keeps on smiling, his grin stretching from ear to ear. "Chill the fuck out man," he says. "We're stranded on a little slice of paradise. Did you get any food? There's all kinds of grub over there. And pot. Yeah, actually you could probably use the pot. Calm you the fuck down with that shit." He laughs again.

"You're pretty well wasted, aren't you?" Tony asks, dropping his arms to his side and allowing a smirk to curl at the corners of his mouth.

Johnny nods, his shoulder length brown hair blowing in a warm breeze that carries the smell of more pot, lemon pepper, fish, chicken, and cayenne pepper. He felt his stomach rumble. "Come on," Johnny says; ushering him toward the fire.

Tony shrugs and follows, eating and sharing other wines with other survivors. He finds a few whites that are more palatable and drinks long from them. Soon his vision is swimming before him and he stumbles his way to the nearest shelter, half lying down and half falling onto the grass covered wooden shafts. It was far from comfortable, but he was too drunk to care. He closed his eyes and let his mind drift slowly into dreamland.
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Fire Couch
Fire Couch

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PostSubject: Re: Shipwreck Day 1   Mon Jan 30, 2012 3:07 am

Eventually, at some point; you all go to sleep. Some of you stand watch for a little while, others do not.

Dreams come to everyone, more vivid than any of you can remember. The dreams are exciting, uplifting, and inspiring; though when morning comes you will not remember any of it save for the remnants of emotion still stirring within you.

This thread is over. The Shipwreck will resume soon enough in a new thread that I will link us to.
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PostSubject: Re: Shipwreck Day 1   

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Shipwreck Day 1
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