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 New Feature: Run your own RPG

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New Feature: Run your own RPG Empty
PostSubject: New Feature: Run your own RPG   New Feature: Run your own RPG Icon_minitimeTue May 22, 2012 4:56 pm

Ever since RPG Freak's inception as a site, we've been getting requests from members to run their own RPGs. As many of you know, we have been denying these requests.

Well no more. For 200 gold you can start your own, provided your game is approved by a moderator or admin. (That's right, we also figured out a use for the coins!)

With that in mind, however; we have a few rules that must be followed.

NO PORN - no exceptions. This is not to say that porn-like situations cannot occur in a game, but a game made specifically for wanking will not be accepted.
MUST HAVE A PLOT - even a minor one.
Before you start a sign up thread, you must have approval from an admin/moderator

Hope some of you take the opportunity! Thanks for sticking with us! For those of you who are new, thanks for checking us out. Don't worry, it doesn't take all that long to reach 200.
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New Feature: Run your own RPG
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